Why become a team coach?

The rapid rate of change facing organisations in these times of great uncertainty is creating a need to radically rethink how managers approach their role.

The boundaries between management and leadership are becoming blurred.  Managers are being required to become front line leaders, teams are required to be more agile, and through globalisation, those teams are becoming more fragmented.

It is small wonder that you as managers are facing ever increasing demands on your time.   So how can you respond in these ever turbulent times?

Here are four major shifts that you need to make if you are to navigate your team to success:

  1. See yourself as a leader rather than a manager
  2. Empower your team to manage the day-to-day stuff
  3. Focus your energy on maximising team engagement
  4. Become a team coach


Why team coaching is a good idea

It helps you develop your own leadership style

Team coaching engages the team, allowing you to lead more collaboratively.  Communication is made easier because you are coming together regularly to make key decisions.  This creates a greater shared understanding of the goal.

It helps with team identity

Team coaching allows you and your team to agree the team purpose, and to share accountability for achieving results.  The process also helps the team to understand how it wants to work together, and what skills you have between you, and where your areas of development lie.

It helps you develop your team and increase engagement

External talent is harder to hire, so you need to grow your talent from within.  As you move through the team coaching process, you are creating a climate where team members are responsible for their own development and growth, where giving and receiving feedback becomes the norm.

It frees up more of your time

As your team becomes more familiar with the process of team coaching, you can gradually reduce the time you spend coaching your team.  You will have created a more agile team that are empowered to make their own decisions, leaving you free to focus your attention on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Team coaching is not just for intact teams working in the same space.  In fact it is particularly effective for remote teams, as you can coach in the virtual space. It increases their sense of connection and helps to break down the barriers that can sometimes get in the way.

So, if you want to remain ahead of the competition you need to be agile and able to respond quickly.  If you want to free up more time so that you can focus on the longer term, and if you want to turn your team from a good team to a great team, then perhaps team coaching is the approach for you.

How to Coach your Team: Release Team Potential and Hit Peak Performance is a new book which is aimed at helping you become a great team coach.  It offers plenty of ideas and advice for anyone who has just been promoted to team leader but it will also help any team leader who wants to review and revitalise their team and will help you:

  • Develop a solid team identity
  • Communicate and collaborate effortlessly
  • Engage your team and empower them to achieve great results
  • Manage meetings to make the best use of time
  • Create real cohesion for geographically spread teams
  • By providing questionnaires and progress trackers so you can see how the team is doing
  • Manage team dynamics and performance with ease

Focus on getting real outcomes that are lasting.

To order a copy of the book, please go to:


Or visit our website:





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